No Boundaries

A Gateway to Artistic Freedom and Expression

A music label is more than just a company that markets and promotes music recordings. It is a platform that creates a harmonious blend of sound, expression, and imagination. No Boundaries aims to pave the way for creativity and total freedom, so that the original ideas of Camiel Boomsma are prioritized.


A project starts with a blank sheet. A musician must be able to give shape to a project with total freedom. No Boundaries was founded in 2023 by Camiel Boomsma and originated from the desire to express his own artistic ideas. It strives to connect music, graphic design and musicianship so that an artistic unity is created. Complete freedom is an important condition for ideas to flow freely. Every project should start with a complete open mind.

No Boundaries main focus is creating a safe haven for Camiel Boomsma’s art so his ideas get the room they need to grow. The album Heritage of Fire was the first project that has been released on No Boundaries. This solo piano album by Camiel Boomsma is dedicated to Wagner and Liszt, two composers that belong to the pillars of his musical career.

No Boundaries is in many ways a breath of fresh air. It’s not just about music production; it’s about fostering a space where Camiel Boomsma’s artistic expression finds a home so he can truly represent his art without any compromise.

  • Schubert/Liszt - Gretchen am Spinnrade D. 118 00:00
  • Liszt - Années de Pèlerinage Suisse Vallée d’ Obermann, S. 156/5 00:00
  • Liszt - Liebestraum S. 541, No. 3 00:00