Music by the Masters

‘Simplicity is the highest goal, achievable when you have overcome all difficulties‘

What is there to say about four of the greatest composers of all time? Bach, the fundament, Papa Haydn, Chopin the poet and Schubert der Wanderer..

These pieces are among my most dearest. One of my favorite pianists, Youri Egorov, inspired me to program the b-minor prelude and fugue by Bach. Haydn’s beautiful Variations is one the first pieces I played on an exam during my studies. Chopin’s Polonaise-Fantaisie has alway been a dream for me to play and has everything that makes Chopin a genius. To Schubert I feel naturally drawn. He is truly the master of nostalgic lyricism and I feel personally connected to that state of mind.


From The Well-tempered Clavier Book I:
Prelude and fugue in b-minor BWV 869

J. Haydn:
Variations in f-minor Hob.XVII:6

Polonaise No.7 Op.61: “Polonaise-Fantaisie”


Sonata in B-flat major D960:
Molto moderato
Andante sostenuto
Scherzo. Allegro vivace con delicatezza — Trio
Allegro ma non troppo