Clavierstücke Op.18 by Gerhard Hamm (YouTube)

Camiel wants to enrich the classical music canon by reviving unknown composers. On June 4th 2021 Camiel will release his new album ‘Rediscovered’ on Challenge Records Int. dedicated to the forgotten music of Dutch composer Gerhard Hamm (1835-1904) and his son Karel Hamm (1876-1937)

Camiel: “Gerhard Hamm belongs in a way to the musical family of Robert Schumann. He writes little poetic reflections on grand Romantic gestures. In these small musical poems a whole world lies hidden. Sometimes powerful and proud, sometimes vulnerable and reflective. Romantic expression beautiful in itself. In his “Gefunden: 6 Clavierstücke in Liedform opus 18’ Gerhard Hamm’s musical gift as a composer is beautifully displayed. Hamm’s craftsmanship is excellent but he never neglects poetic expression.”

This video was recorded in 2021 in the Kröller-Müller museum Otterlo.