New album release: Rediscovered

On june 4th 2021 Camiel will release his new album ‘Rediscovered’ on Challenge Classics International. The album is dedicated to the forgotten Dutch composer Gerhard Hamm and his son Karel Hamm.

Camiel about this music:

‘Discovering the music of the Dutch composers Gerhard Hamm and his son Karel was really a chance encounter. After one of my recitals, Carl Hamm, a direct descendant of these composers, handed me a stack of scores. While playing through the pieces at home, I was struck by their delicacy and narrative power. And all of this had been completely forgotten.

The versatile composer Gerhard Hamm, born in 1835 in Trier, was a very important figure in cultural life in the south of the Netherlands. He was a teacher, conductor and member of many music and art societies. Both Gerhard and his son Karel composed an extensive range of pieces; from chamber music to songs and from orchestral works to pieces for solo piano. They were muchloved personalities in Venlo and beyond’


It is important to revive unknown composers and to enrich the existing canon and Camiel is happy to contribute to this with this new album. Stay tuned for the release, and keep an eye on this website and on Camiel Boomsma’s social media!